Sorry, but it's true! Although, that won't stop us from trying...

We all know the chances of taking home $1.3 billion are slim to none... 1 in 292.2 million, to be exact. That's equivalent to flipping a coin 28 times in a row and getting heads EVERY TIME. But, that isn't going to stop most of us from trying. It only takes one ticket to win! Here is a list of things that are MORE likely to happen to you than you winning the lottery this week:

  • You are 25 times more likely to become President of the United States
  • You are 4x more likely to be hit by an ASTEROID
  • You are 10x more likely to die in a car accident on the way to buy your Powerball ticket
  • You are 508x more likely to become a billionaire through some other way (and WHAT way is that, exactly? We'd love to know!)
  • You are more likely to be struck by lighting WHILE drowning
  • You are more likely to give birth to quadruplets, even without fertility treatments

Don't let this ruin your spirit, though! You buy that ticket and you ENJOY it. Somebody's gotta win!

[Via Time/CNN]

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