It's here. WINTER. Just look outside. I sure hope you're prepared. There are so many things that you need to be prepared for. So, today I have your official 2021/'22 Iowa Winter Survival Home Kit. After all, winters in Eastern Iowa require some serious TLC. And by TLC I mean Timely Liquor Care. So grab LOTS of the five items below, and this winter will be over and it will be March before you know it!

Stock up now or this winter will be a miserable one!

Between shoveling and screaming lil' ones screaming... as you might imagine, this survival kit is aimed at Iowa adults. You'll have to make some modifications for the kiddos!
Item #1: WINE. Do you really wanna run out of wine with kids whining? Nooo. You do not.

Item #2: BEER. If you're not a wine guy or gal, like me, be sure you stock up on the Iowa water. Or, beer of your choosing of course.

Item #3: SPARE TIRE. No, I do not mean for your car. I mean for YOU. Come on, in the winter, who knows when your next meal will come. Ammmm I right?

Item #4: Extra Phone Charger. You'll be cut off from the outside world! It's a marvelous excuse to sit on your phone all day, right? Make plans you know cannot happen with the weather.

Item #5: Ear Plugs. Got kids? They'll be loud. They'll be restless. Tune 'em out. You'll be glad you did! Oh, and you're welcome!

There you go. Winter made easy. Or, easier at least. Be safe out there. Or better yet, grab the above five items and don't go outside. #DONE.

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