Getting old typically isn't a fun experience, but it can be funny!

I'm still 10 months away from turning 30, but I feel like I discover a new ache or pain almost every day. This weekend I spent two days working on jigsaw puzzles, but I had to them on my living room coffee table because I don't have room in my house for a kitchen table. I came to work with an incredibly sore back on Monday, and it was really depressing to realize that it was caused by leaning over while working on a puzzle...

This inspired a hilarious topic that we discussed this morning. Complete this sentence: You know you're getting old when...

The responses we received were just a little TOO relatable! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hannah Waters - "You know you're getting old when... you go to the checkout, pull your ID out for the alcohol you are buying, and the young cashier says, "don't worry I know you're OK."
  • Bethany Harms - "When you say, “I remember when that used to be a cornfield!”
  • Ashley Apete Peterson - "You pass out on the couch watching TV by 8:30 or 9, just like your dad."
  • Rachel Manders - "When you see someone out in public and think, that person looks old. Then you look harder and realize that you graduated high school with him."
  • Kelly Smith - "People you babysat have grown children."
  • Debbie Bunnell - "Your son calls you a Q-Tip because your hair and shoes are both white."
  • Cheryl Landis - "Some of the music you listen to are now “classics” on the “oldies” station."
  • Bryan Hole - "You wake up to snap, crackle, and pop... and it's not your breakfast cereal."
  • Amanda Lyn - "When you have to put your birth year in and you have to keep scrolling backward."
  • Colleen Digmann - "The hospital you were born in has closed and your elementary school is now a museum."
  • Kelly Weston Bredfield - "You buy shoes for comfort now instead of style."

Give us your response in the comments below!

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