There are plenty of quirky and even luxurious Airbnb's in eastern Iowa, but if you really want to get away THIS is an interesting way to spend a vacation!

Anyone that knows me knows that potatoes are one of my favorite foods. French fries, tater tots, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes... I love them all! The question is; do I love potatoes enough to live in one?

This week, I came across a listing on Airbnb for the Big Idaho Potato Hotel. To sum it up, it's a hollowed-out, six-ton potato replica that has been turned into a little hotel room. Not surprisingly, it's located in Idaho, America's potato capital.

Although the giant potato is now grounded, it once lived a very adventurous life. According to the Airbnb page, it traveled around 48 states over the course of seven years on the back of a semi truck. The listing reads:

"Now resting on 400 acres of good ol’ Idaho farmland, just south of downtown Boise, this hotel has been meticulously designed by Kristie Wolfe, a former Big Idaho Potato Tour spokesperson, to allow for stylish private comfort and amenities such as power outlets for your electronic devices, a mini fridge, old records to play and a custom-built bed."

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel is made for two people and consists of one bedroom and a bathroom. Now, because the inside of the potato is just one big room, the bathroom isn't located inside. It's actually located very close by inside of a remodeled grain silo. Other amenities include a fireplace, heat and air conditioning, and a coffee maker. You get to hang out with a cute cow, too!

If you're interested in spending the night in this giant spud, it can be rented out for around $200 a night. It actually has really positive reviews on Airbnb, with 4.92 out of 5 stars! You can find out how to book your trip to Idaho HERE.

Here's a look at Boise's Big Idaho Potato Hotel:

The Big Idaho Potato Hotel on Airbnb


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