Do you want a night or twelve away from home, but not too terribly far? Well, I found your next vacation spot at this Iowa airbnb. It's close to a big, beautiful lake (Carter Lake). It has an indoor jacuzzi and an outdoor hot tub. It's got a private canal in the back that leads to Carter Lake. Oh, and it's $1,400 a night. Yeah, I left the 'only' out that time. I was inspired by a post from our sister station up north that featured the most luxurious Airbnb in Minnesota.

The beautiful house, called Shoreline, can hold up to 14 people. That means you and your family, or buddies can ALL chip in and it won't be too bad price-wise. The home sports 1 king-size bed, 4 queen-size beds, 4 twin-size beds, and 4.5 bathrooms, so there's no shortage of space and privacy. Oh, and did I mention a hot tub? Yeah, an 8-seat hot tub to be exact.

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What are we waiting for, let's take a look at and around this massive house located in Carter Lake, which is right on the Iowa/Nebraska border.

This is the most expensive Airbnb in Iowa

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