John F. Kennedy High School is the only school in Iowa for the US Cellular "Battle of the Stands" contest, and they have the chance to win a massive prize!

Eight schools in the US are currently competing for $25,000 in this "Battle of the Stands" contest, and the Kennedy Cougars are actually in first place right now! But, that could change, because there are still 3 schools that have to compete. Fortunately, there is something you can do to help, and it only takes about 30 seconds!

Kennedy did their part by cheering as loudly as they possibly could, so now it's your turn. You can add 3 decibels to their total just by entering your name, birthday, city, and email. It's quick and easy, and a local school right here in Cedar Rapids could have a major payout.

If you're interested, just click HERE. You only have until Thursday to help out, so don't forget! And be sure to spread the word! How cool would it be to have a school right here in Iowa win such a huge prize?

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