There is a new trend sweeping offices and workplaces across the nation. Gone is the typical 9 to 5 workday. That model is slowly being replaced with something that a lot of workers love. Working four, 10-hour days and having a three day weekend.

You're still getting your 40 hours a week in, you're just doing it in four days instead of five. And who doesn't love a three day weekend? Under this new schedule, you'd have one every week! According to a new study, 27% of companies are now offering their employees the option of working four days a week. And you guessed it, employees love it! In fact, many companies say they are seeing a rise in worker morale because of the new schedule!

Some businesses are even using the four day work week as a perk to lure no employees in. Ask yourself that question. Would you switch jobs if your new employer gave you a three day weekend every week? You'd at least consider the offer. Sadly, the world of morning radio isn't adopting this any time soon. I'm guessing my bosses would miss me having every Friday morning off. A man can dream.


[via CBS News]

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