A group of psychologists decided to get together and figure out why most of us hate the word "moist" so much.

Back in 2012, The New Yorker asked its readers which word in the English language we should get rid of, and "moist" came in at number one. Why we all hate this word so much is a bit of a mystery... until now. Researchers at two US universities did some studies and found out that 20% of the people surveyed did not like the word. But, this apparently has nothing to do with the sound of the word, it has to do with the bodily functions we associate it with. When the word was associated with food, people are less bothered by it. The issue is that we associate it with both bodily functions AND foods like cake, which just makes everything feel uncomfortable.

I absolutely HATE the word "shampoo," but I don't really feel like I hate it because of what I associate it with, because I definitely enjoy clean hair. I think the "poo" sound is what makes me feel weird about it. Here are some other words that people HATE:

  • Yolk
  • Gurgle
  • Phlegm
  • Smear
  • Squirt
  • Curd

What word do you absolutely HATE the sound of? Leave yours below.

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