Listen, I was young once. I got rowdy and went out with friends and pushed the limits and broke some rules. Some of that behavior even took place over the Halloween holiday. But when the sign at the zoo says to keep your limbs out of the cages of animals, you might not want to push it. An Omaha woman found that out the hard way.

A 33 year old woman snuck into the Omaha Zoo on Halloween night. According to police reports, she was intoxicated at the time. She looked around the zoo a bit, and then decided that she wanted to pet a tiger. I love tigers. They're magestic animals that deserve respect both in the wild and in captivity. Would I love to pet one? Perhaps if it was properly restrained and our sedated. But I'd much rather just look and appreciate them. The trespassing woman had other ideas. She stuck her hand inside the tiger cage to try and pet one of the animals, and had her hand mangled in the process.

Authorities say that the woman may loose several fingers in the attack. She's lucky to hava a hand at all! Read the signs people! They're there for a reason...and that reason might be hungry!