The year was 2008. Brett Favre was the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. Aaron Rodgers was beginning his first as the starter for the Green Bay Packers. The Pack missed the playoffs that year. Something they wouldn't do again until this year. The playoff streak is officially over.

When Rodgers went down with a collarbone injury during a week five game against Minnesota, many hoped that the Packers could stay in contention until Rodgers was healthy enough to return. Brett Hundley went 3-4 in Rodger's absence. Not good enough. Aaron healed quick and returned against Carolina on Sunday. It just wasn't the same #12 on the field. 8 weeks of rust will do that to you, even if you're the best QB in the game. Atlanta's win on Monday Night Football made it official. Green Bay has been eliminated from NFC playoff contention.

Rodgers has spoiled Packer fans and the franchise. His amazing level of play covers up a lackluster roster of talent. We're amazed at what he's able to do. Think of what he could accomplish with the talent that Minnesota has on the field? With a defense that could actually stop someone! The Packer defense hasn't stopped a team in the red zone all year! Think about that. Every time an opposing team gets in the red zone, they score! That feat hasn't happened in the NFL in nearly a decade.

So with the Packers out, what's next for Rodgers? Hopefully, its holding a clipboard. NO WAY I put him back out there this year with nothing to gain as a team. Let the collarbone heal and get healthy for 2018. As for Packer fans like me, for the first time in 9 years, the playoffs won't feature the green and gold. Here's hoping the front office makes some moves that ensure 2018 is a different story.

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