I'm often asked if I miss the snowfall we've largely been without this winter. My answer is an emphatic 'No'. Sure, I like a little of the white stuff around Christmas to make it feel more like the holidays. But other than that, give me dry and brown right through Spring. Others miss the snow. People who enjoy skiing and other outdoor activities have a had some tough sledding this year. Sorry, had to. But if you're a fan of the frozen precipitation, you might just get what you asked for this weekend.

Our friendly meteorologist Rebecca Kopelman over at KGAN in Cedar Rapids says there is snow coming. Just how much? Well, it depends on the path of the storm and where you're at.

As we saw with a snowstorm late in 2018, the cut off line can be drastic and the path can change several times before the first flake flies. But for fans of the powder, it looks like you might be in for a fun weekend. For the rest of us, it's snow blowing, shoveling, and counting the days until Spring.

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