It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise for Iowans. Ask about the weather, and opinions can change just like the wind. And during this time of year, as we hang between winter and spring, mother nature can remind us that we haven't changed seasons quite yet. Enjoy today and a high in the low to mid 50's. Because this weekend will be cold and potentially white!

Cold arctic air is on the move towards eastern Iowa. The high on Friday will only be 31, and the cold air will also bring snow chances this weekend too! It has been over 80 days since we've received measurable snowfall in Cedar Rapids. That could change this weekend. A storm system late Friday into Saturday could give us a dusting of the white stuff with more possible by Monday.

A LOT more. Take a look at
THIS forecast for the corridor on Monday! Yikes!

The colder than normal temperatures stick with us right through the middle of next week. So we go from warm weather and tornado warnings to temperatures below freezing and snow? That's Iowa weather for you. Just wait five minutes.


[via KGAN]

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