For some fast food fans, today is a national holiday. Yes, the McRib is back at McDonalds. This time is a bit different. The restaurant is rolling out the sandwich at all 14,400 of it's locations nationwide. Its the first time McDonald's has done that in nearly a decade. But why pay for your McRib when you can win one?

You can win a free McRib this week, and all you have to do is shave. CNN reports that McDonald's had teamed up with the No Shave November movement and will give out 10,000 free McRib sandwiches to customers who help bring awareness to the campaign which raises money for cancer research and men's health issues. To enter the contest, fans must post a picture on social media of their clean shaven faces. Post your picture on Twitter or Instagram and using the hashtag #Shave4McRibSweepstakes and then tag @mcdonalds.

A Mcdonald's news release stated that "facial hair and McRib sauce just don't mix." The first 10,000 entries received get a code for a free McRib, available through McDelivery using Uber Eats. The offer is good while supplies last. CNN also reports that contrary to how the contest sounds, this is not limited to people with facial hair. The company says that anyone can take part by sharing a photo of your baby smooth face.

Will I shave for a free McRib? I won't. My beard is important to me for several reasons. Warmth in the winter and it covers the seven chins I've developed by eating McRib sandwiches. While I won't shave for a McRib, I'll probably stop by and get one sometime during their current run. Maybe I'll bring in one for Courtlin to try!

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