When your dog looks at you with those big eyes, it can be tempting to give them just about anything they want. However, there are definitely some things you shouldn't let them eat. I'll give you a list of 16, which includes the cobs from your delectable sweet corn.

If your dog eats just a few inches of a corn cob, it can spell big trouble. Corn cobs can't be digested and could block your dog's intestinal tract. According to Good Housekeeping, corn cobs can be very hard to see on x-rays. That could result in an expensive ultrasound having to be performed in order to diagnose the problem. There have been cases where dogs have died after eating corn cobs, so please take this seriously. If you believe your dog has eaten a corn cob, take it to the vet immediately. Do not induce vomiting unless your vet tells you to.

According to veterinarian Gary Richter,

Dogs with an intestinal obstruction will often vomit food and/or just fluid, and may show signs of abdominal pain or lethargy. It’s important to note that dogs with an intestinal obstruction can pass normal stools for a couple of days, though, so normal bowel movements are not an indication there is no problem.


Here are 15 other things you shouldn't allow your dog to eat, and why:

  • Alcohol (Dogs are very susceptible to intoxication and can suffer alcohol poisoning.)
  • Avocados (The pit can cause an obstruction and the high-fat content can cause issues).
  • Bacon (The high-fat content can cause pancreatitis)
  • Chocolate (Caffeine can lead to a variety of issues, including tremors, seizures, irregular heart rate, and even death.)
  • Coffee (High blood pressure, seizures, increased heart rate and an irregular heartbeat are just some of the effects your dog could feel.
  • Cooked Bones (They're more likely to splinter after being cooked)
  • Cranberries, Currants, Grapes & Raisins (Can cause rapid kidney failure, even though the reason is unknown.)
  • Dairy (Stomach issues can be caused because most dogs are lactose-intolerant)
  • Leeks, Onions, and Garlic (Can harm red blood cells, which could cause them to be anemic. Small amounts shouldn't cause harm.)
  • Macadamia Nuts (High-fat content can irritate stomach & they can be toxic)
  • Peaches & Plums (The fruit is fine, but the pits can causing choking and blockages.)
  • Raw Dough (The expansion of the dough, due to the yeast, can fill their entire abdomen causing pain and even blockages.)
  • Salty Snacks (In large amounts, salt can cause seizures and tremors.)
  • Sugar-Free Gum or Candy (Xylitol, in almost all sugar-free candies, causes insulin levels in a dog's blood to rise and also causes liver problems.)
  • White Bread (The oil and sugar in white bread can cause pancreatitis. Schnauzers are especially affected this food item.)

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