The day is finally here. November 6th. Election Day. Like the rest of you, I'm suffering from voter fatigue. I've heard and seen too many campaign ads. But one thing I can't believe I've seen as many times as I have is people openly questioning why they should even vote. Why?

First, let's start with the obvious. Elections these days are being decided by the slimmest of margins. No longer can you say that 'my vote doesn't matter.' It does. The last Presidential election in 2016 was decided by a few thousand votes in three key states. Votes matter, including yours.

The 'why should I vote' question also seems silly to me for another reason. Why vote? How about this. You either really like the direction our country is headed in and want it to continue. Or you don't like what's happening around you and you want it to change. Most of us fall into one of those two categories. So go vote! Let your voice be heard. Tell them you want more of the same, or tell them you want something different. This is your day to let your voice be heard!

Our current political climate can be tough to get through. And make no mistake about it, the fault lies on both sides of the aisle for the divided nature of our country right now. But it's my belief, as naive as it may be, that despite the partisan attacks you hear about, a good chunk of our country still lies in the middle. They want to work with each other. They want to hear each other out. And they want our country to thrive. Unfortunately, we don't often hear from this group of people. But we will today. We will if you VOTE.

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