Every four years, the entire focus of the nation centered on the state of Iowa. That is because our small state was first in line in the presidential electing process. The Iowa Caucuses are an event unlike any other. But now, the honor of leading off the nominating process may lie with a different state.

KCRG reports that on Wednesday, a panel of Democratic National Committee members voted to strip Iowa of its first in the nation voting status. The DNC voted to adopt a plan that would no longer guarantee Iowa at the front of the presidential nominating process. KCRG reports that now, Iowa Democrats will have to make their case as to why Iowa should be reinstated into the first position.

The latest vote by the DNC isn't just harsh on the state of Iowa. The plan also removes Hew Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina from an early voting window. KCRG reports that those states will have to apply for a new waiver if they want to remain in the early voting window. The plan states that they instead want to look at states who promote "diversity and a fair process".

The Iowa Democratic Party has until May 6th to submit a letter saying they want to apply for the early voting window, according to KCRG.

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