If it seems like everyone is playing Pokemon Go, your not alone. Everywhere I go I see people walking around with their phones, playing the hit game released by Nintendo this month. As popular as the game is, some estimate over 10 million people are playing, the backlash has been just as strong. I had my doubts about the game. I had to sit here and listen to Courtlin talk about all the Pokemon she caught. I didn't get it. It wasn't until my son started playing that I got Pokemon Go.

Chase got into it because his friend had the game and got him hooked. Chase began asking me to take him to parks and other points in the city. All to look for Pokemon. Last night we were at Thomas Park in Marion. He was hunting for Pokemon and he kept showing me what he caught. He was having fun and wanted me to join in. So finally after some prodding, I downloaded the game. Chase was ecstatic! He began planning our route to walk home. He wants me to take him downtown to Green Square Park this weekend. Suddenly I didn't mind Pokemon Go so much. It was something that Chase and I could do together.

So for those of you who still want to make fun of the game, go ahead. But know that those of us who DO play all have our own reasons. It's an escape. It's fun. It's time spent with our kids. It's Pokemon. What's the harm in that?

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