Before you continue reading this, remember that my wife and I get up at 3am every weekday.  So Misty and I had just climbed into bed last night when we heard it - the whirrrr of someone mowing their lawn.Now I have to admit, my neighbors haven't been that bad this summer when it comes to mowing when we are trying to sleep.  What was odd about last night is that it was 7:42pm - and that is DARK nowadays.

That got me thinking, how early is the sun going down now as compared to a month ago? Two months ago?  A month from now?  I found a cool website that shows how much daylight we actually have every day of the year.  Maybe it's the "weather geek" in me, but I like looking at stuff like this.

And just to answer my question I posed from earlier:  The sun was down at 7:16pm last night and we had 12 hours 23 minutes and 43 seconds of daylight.  If you want to keep track using the website I told you about click HERE.