Sam Hunt's team has confirmed he is engaged to longtime off-and-on girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler, news that brought shock, disappointment and/or depression for many female fans and a single question: Who is Hannah Lee Fowler?

The couple have been dating for as long as Hunt has had hits on the radio. In 2014, prior to Hunt signing with Universal Music Group and releasing his debut single to radio, he told Taste of Country that she inspired songs on his debut record, as well as "Cop Car," a song Keith Urban recorded. Yep, Fowler is the "Cop Car" girl.

Hunt also admitted that while they were not dating at that time, she was still around and he'd bounce songs off of her. A new song called "Drinkin' Too Much" somewhat documents the next two years. He recalls her joining him for the CMA Awards, but then having to reveal something painful he'd done in a hotel room in Phoenix. That led to her leaving him and more or less disappearing from his life. Recently they've rekindled their romance.

Fowler is a 2006 graduate of Evangel Christian School, a home schooling program. Hunt has shared very little about her, but did say he named the album Montevallo because that’s where a girlfriend we’d later learn was Fowler was from. Her father Scott Fowler is a pastor at a Presbyterian church in Montevallo. That explains a key lyric in “Drinkin’ Too Much”:

“Two years later, it felt like you were a million miles away from me / And I was the one on stage, drunk / Barely holdin' on, on ABC / Hope your dad still prays for me,” he sings.

Photos on Hannah Lee Fowler’s MySpace page show she appreciates horses, and Instagram posts on Hunt’s page indicate she enjoys the outdoors.

While the MySpace page is still active, it hasn’t been updated in years. Fowler’s Twitter page has been deleted, and there’s no record of her on Facebook.

The 28-year-old comes from a large family and has six siblings. Her sister Rebekah posted the below photo of Hannah Lee and Hunt in Israel.

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