Another week, another KHAK DJ thrown under the bus!

This morning was another edition of 'Who in the KHAK Crew," a game where we choose a card from the party game 'Who in the Room?' and determine who best fits the description: Brain, Bob James, Danielle, or me?

When I picked today's question, I knew it was going to be a fun debate! That question was: Who in the KHAK crew is most likely to get arrested? At first, everybody seemed to be a little thrown off. I don't think that any of us consider ourselves to be rule-breakers, but the one rule of 'Who in the KHAK Crew' is that we HAVE to make a decision, so we did. Ultimately, Brain was determined to be the "winner." How did you come to that conclusion? Here's the video from our conversation:

Do you agree with our choice? Let us know in the comments!

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