After a week off due to Radiothon, 'Who in the KHAK Crew?' returned this week for another hard-hitting question! Even with Brain off of work, we were able to come to come to a conclusion on "Who in the KHAK Crew has the messiest home?"

Here's the deal: I'm slightly offended by the guesses this week. I have no problem admitting that I have a less-than-spotless apartment, but the number of people who think that I'm messier than three children COMBINED is astounding! Brain has three kids, a cat, AND a dog. Don't even tell me that I could somehow beat that all on my own.

Brain ended up being today's winner, and it was a unanimous vote from all four of us. Even Brain voted for himself! Here's the video from this week's debate:

Do you think we got it right? There are some people who don't! Check out some of the other votes and then leave your comment!

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