Oh yeah, it's ON! This week's edition of 'Who in the KHAK Crew' is all about the thing that we do every day of our lives... RADIO!

Once again, today's question is a matter of opinion: Who in the KHAK crew has the best voice for radio? Everybody has their preferences when it comes to sounds, but I think there's a traditional radio voice that we all know and love. We just had to figure out who in our crew has that voice! Was it Brain, Bob James, Danielle, or me? Here's the video from today's discussion:

So now that you know our winner, do you agree that Bob James has the best voice for radio? We had several people on Facebook tell us that Bob is THE voice of KHAK, which makes us think we made the right decision! Let us know your thoughts on this week's 'Who in the KHAK Crew?' in the comments below!

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