Today we're celebrating TWO holidays!

First of all, it's May 5th so it's Cinco de Mayo. But, today is also the first Tuesday in May, which means it's National Concert Day! According to Day Finder, National Concert Day was started by entertainment company Live Nation as a way to kick off the summer concert season.

Unfortunately, this summer concert season is shaping up to be a real disappointment thanks to coronavirus. Tons of artists/bands have already canceled or postponed major shows and festival appearances, and I think it's safe to assume that things will only get worse in the coming weeks.

Because we can't celebrate National Concert Day buy purchasing discount concert tickets or talking about the summer 2020 shows that we're most looking to, we are instead going to look back at some of our favorite concert memories.

Working in radio, I have been to more concerts than I can possibly count. If you asked me to pick a favorite, it would probably take hours for me to settle on just one. But, when it comes to favorite concert memories, there are a few great ones that come to mind. For example, the first time I saw Brett Eldredge will stand out to me forever. Brett was (and still is) one of my biggest celebrity crushes, so when I found out he was coming to the Tri-State Rodeo a few years ago, I knew I had to make the trip to Fort Madison. After we met Brett and he took an unexpected Snapchat video on my phone, we were allowed to wait backstage until the rodeo was over. Then they let us out onto the ring before anybody else, which means I got to be front row for the entire concert. It was my first front-row concert experience and I will never forget how amazing it was.


Brain's favorite concert memory is from a Keith Urban concert. Here's his explanation:

"Keith Urban at the GJCF in 2013. Carly's first concert. She wore boots and we bought her a KU shirt. She danced all night and eventually one of the security guards pulled her up on the right side of the stage. A night I'll never forget. A wonderful Keith fan from California took this picture and sent it to me weeks later."


In honor of National Concert Day, we want to hear your favorite concert memory! Share yours with us in the comments!