We are officially nine days away from Halloween, which means pretty much every channel on TV has been playing scary movies. To be honest with you, I'm not a fan of horror movies (I'm a giant baby), but that doesn't mean I haven't seen a bunch of them!

When I was younger, my step-dad tried to toughen my brother and me up by forcing us to watch classic horror films. I saw famous movies like The Shining, Halloween, The Amityville Horror, and Poltergeist, but the one that really messed me up was Friday the 13th. It probably wouldn't have been as terrifying if I wasn't leaving for summer camp for the first time just days after I was made to watch it...

As an adult, I very rarely watch scary movies, but the one that stands out as the scariest to me was Paranormal Activity. I was convinced that the movie actually happened (I was confused about the whole "found footage" thing). Those are the scariest movies to me: the subtle ones that feel like they could really happen to you. That's also why I hated The Strangers so much.

We took to Facebook this morning to ask you the question: What's the #1 scariest movie of all time? Here are some of the responses:

What movie haunts your memories? Share yours in the comments!

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