Here's more proof that no matter how tough your pets act, they're all just big babies at heart!

One of my least favorite household tasks is making ice by filling up ice trays, so for Christmas this year, I asked for a countertop ice maker. I was so excited to bring it home and set it up, but you know who wasn't? My dog Tater. When I made my very first batch of ice, he LOST HIS MIND. I figured that it was just a new sound and that he would get used to it. Well, it's been over two months now, and that still hasn't happened. Every single time the ice maker shoots out more ice, he runs to the kitchen, paces back and forth in front of the machine, and whines and barks until it stops. I got the ice maker to make my life easier, but instead, it has made my life a little bit of a nightmare. It's a good thing he's cute!


I wish I could say that the ice maker is the only thing Tater is afraid of, but it's definitely not. He's not a fan of vacuums, my Swiffer, and sometimes even his own farts! When the mailman comes on the porch he acts like he's super tough, but one little toot and he's running from the room. It's HILARIOUS.

Is your dog or cat afraid of something totally ridiculous? We'd love to hear about it! Here are some of our favorite responses from Facebook:

Ridiculous Things Our Pets are Afraid Of

No matter how tough they act, our pets are all big babies! We asked listeners to share the ridiculous things their pets are afraid of, and here are some of our favorite responses!

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