This Saturday is going to be the biggest party weekend of 2020, with NFL and College football games along with the sexiest of all holidays, Halloween.

On top of it all, you get an extra hour to party with the end of Daylight Saving Time rolling clocks back an hour Saturday night at 2 a.m.

Halloween 2020 arrives with everyone dealing with pandemic fatigue. Another stress factor is the presidential election, which arrives in just days. There's no denying this country needs a good weekend party like never before.

If you've made it this far into 2020, consider yourself officially entitled to get a good buzz going. Go on and treat yourself to the top shelf of the liquor cabinet. There are all kinds of Halloween cocktails to try, and the editors of Town and Country have 22 tasty recommendations here.

From Highballs to Eyeball Martinis, the drink you hold says a lot about your personality.

Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned - You are an original, a spirited soul, holding a classic cocktail with a contemporary twist. Friends say you're classy, confident, and smart. There are those who will scoff at your seasonal choice but you like what you like, and you don't give a rats ass what they think anyway. Let them drink Busch.

Monster Mash Margarita - You and your pals really do know how to party. This is the boozy choice of party professionals, as they go down smooth and hit back hard. Your costume is fun and flirty, and it's designed to endure a night of debauchery without falling apart or requiring too much maintenance. You wait all year long for your favorite holiday, so drink up, party down and get it on!

Eyeball Martini - You are very discerning. You've even noticed how much a sliced black olive resembles the iris of an eyeball. It looks even more so from the bottom of a martini glass, staring up at you asking "are you ready for another?" But there's no judgment from the eyeball. There's just that blank stare that reminds you of an old stoner friend.

Busch Latte - You are practical, frugal, and often broke. But really now, you're here to have monumental fun. Don't let yourself end up with one of these in your hand. No need to go all micro-brew craft beer, but at the very least you should sip on something a bit more flavorful. Remember, if Nostradamus is correct, this could be the last Halloween ever. Or not.

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