If you know me, you know I love my Green Bay Packers. Game day is a special time that I look forward to all week. The Packers had a great playoff run this year that was amazing to experience, and heartbreaking to see end. Despite my fandom, I do have my priorities in check...sort of. A new study asked people what they would miss so they could watch their team in the Super Bowl. 15% would miss the birth of their own child! Really? I mean maybe if it's your third or fourth kid....kidding.

Some other things people would skip to watch their team? A vacation, work, a wedding all seem like answers I can make an excuse for. Missing a funeral? Probably not a good idea. Same with missing the birth of your child. If you ever want to see your family again, put your fandom aside and get to the hospital!

There is a reason fan is short for 'fanatic'. We're passionate about our teams. We love sports. I include myself in that group. But I'll never forget the words of a talking head on sports radio say something several years ago that I try to remember and live by. He said you can 'Like' sports, but you should 'Love' your life. That means your family and friends and the things that really matter. Just don't remind me of that during the playoffs.


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