There are few things that divide people this time of year as much as two words: candy corn.

Yes, you either love or hate this candy, which doesn't even have corn in it. At Halloween season, this brightly-colored confection emerges from the ether, with those who crave it jumping for joy and those who despite it shuddering at the mere thought of eating something so vile.

Tech Insider has made this video (watch it above), enlightening us as to what exactly goes into candy corn. Chances are if you like it, you don't care about the ingredients and chances are if you don't like it, you also don't care.

On the off chance that you are curious, though, now you know. Things like confectioner's glaze, honey, yellow 5 and yellow 6 all play a part (what -- no yellow 4 or yellow 7?) into making candy corn the controversial confection that it is.

So, while America is debating the best candy, go ahead and help yourself to some candy corn (or, candy corn pizza, if you are brave). Or, maybe just skip the candy corn altogether and eat something a little more appetizing, like, say, pumpkin spice pizza.

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