The city of Cedar Rapids is looking to move on from failed plans to bring a casino to the downtown area. It now wants the public's help on what to do next.

The City Council Development Committee will meet today to discuss new plans for the area that is known as First and First West. The eight-acre site has been described as a prime location for a 'destination development' in downtown Cedar Rapids. It sits near the Cedar River with nearly three and a half blocks on both sides of First Avenue.

Last year, after two failed attempts at getting a casino built on the site, the city put out requests for a developer for the site. In November of 2018, Flaherty and Collins were selected as the developers for the location. The city continues to say that their first preference for the site is a destination attraction, with housing options a second choice.

The city will be holding an open house on November 12th for public input on what should be built and First and First West. So put on your planning hats now. What should be built on the site?


[via CBS2]

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