A recent Reddit thread asked fast food employees - "What should we never order from you?" The results are pretty interesting.

If you are one of those people that hate all fast food places and you never eat at them, then this article is not for you. This is for the people, like me, who enjoy going through a drive-thru from time-to-time. Sometimes I just can't resist! Here are some tips from fast food workers on what NOT to order:

  • Chipotle - Tacos
    • You only get about half the regular portion of food when you order tacos. The ex-employee suggests getting a bowl with whatever ingredients you want, and then getting shells on the side.
  •  Subway - Oven-Roasted Chicken/Tuna
    • The employee states that the chicken is not actually "oven-roasted," but boiled in the microwave. Which is a sort of oven, I suppose...
    • One employee says that the tuna salad has a whooooole lot of mayo, which is not the healthiest of options.
  • Starbucks - Food/Secret Menu
    • The employee says that the food DOES taste good, but if you're hoping for something "fresh," you're going to the wrong place. Everything is frozen and re-heated, and also very over-priced.
    • Have you seen the Starbucks "secret menu" that's been floating around the internet? Don't order off of it, because the employees actually don't know what you're talking about. If you tell them specifically what's in a drink, they can make it for you, but don't expect them to know it by name.
  • Dairy Queen - Salads
    1. Apparently, Dairy Queen is NOT the place to go when you're craving a salad. The employee says that the salads were just down-sized, but the bowl was changed so that it still appears to be the same amount. They also state that $5 is too much for old veggies and old chicken.
  • Burger King - Anything with chicken tenders or grilled chicken
    • There's nothing wrong with Burger King's chicken, but just don't order it if you're in a rush. The employee states that they don't make them very often, so they are made-to-order, which takes longer.
    • The same rule can apply to Arby's fried chicken.
  • Jimmy John's - Gourmet Veggie Club
    • Although the sandwich probably tastes delicious, it's not a good option if you're trying to watch your weight. The employee says that it has the second most calories out of all the sandwiches, topped only by "The Gargantuan."
  • McDonald's - The "Secret Menu"
    • Similar to the Starbucks "Secret Menu" issue, most of the workers at McDonald's aren't familiar with this online phenomenon. If you want something specific, just describe it to them, but be prepared for up charges on certain ingredients.
    • Also, if you want "fresh fries," one employee says that takes an additional four minutes, so be prepared to wait.
  • Hardee's - Chicken tenders
    • An ex-employee reveals that they are supposed to throw out chicken tenders after 20 minutes, but they are encouraged not to. Sometimes you could be served 1-2 hour old tenders. If you want them fresh, they are delicious, but they require a 5-10 minute wait.

Check out the Reddit thread HERE for more!

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