Wondering what to be for Halloween this year? Well, if you're considering classic options like a witch, mummy, or Frankenstein, you'd be in the majority!

Offers.com surveyed over 1,000 U.S. consumers on different subjects surrounding the creepy holiday, including what they were going to dress up as. According to those findings, most Americans are going the classic route.


When given the options: sports persona, animal, super hero/villan, TV character, or classic, the majority of surveyors (31%) went with the good ol' classic look.

The data was then broken down state-by-state.  According to the survey, it looks like Iowans are in thinking the same as "29% of Iowa respondents selected the classic theme as their go-to look this Halloween."

Well there you have it, if you want to fit in with the crowd take the classic route. Otherwise, you should probably avoid these if you don't want to wind up with the same costume as someone else at your next Halloween party.

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