There are just some things you can never live down!

Remember when you were a kid and you did something really stupid and you hoped that everyone would just forget about it? Well, sometimes your family and friends have really good memories!

This week, my coworker Brain shared one of his most embarrassing stories. When he was around 12 or 13-years-old, he got a job detasseling in Anamosa. Unfortunately, there are no bathrooms when you're working in the middle of a cornfield, so Brain stayed back from his coworkers, went number two, and then caught up with everyone. Little did he know that his supervisor was going to inspect his row and tell everyone about what he found! To this day, people don't let Brain forget about that time he pooped in a cornfield.

Is there an embarrassing story from your youth that people won't let you forget? We asked listeners to share their stories on Facebook and we got some hilarious responses!

  • Amy Fecht - "When I was in middle school I was presenting at a science fair for school, and I was giving a speech in front of the judges and fellow students. Instead of saying 'organism,' I said 'orgasm,' not knowing what I had said! Long story short, this memory made it to the valedictorian speech on graduation day!!"
  • Lucinda Schmeiser - "I was around 8 years old and we were at the zoo at the hippopotamus area. I said to my mom, 'that hippo in the pond reminds me of you in the tub.' Every year since then I've been getting stuffed hippos."
  • Terrie Kramer - "My brother and I were about 6 and we were helping dad burn leaves, but we caught some leaves by the garage on fire and the garage and car burned to the ground. There were fire trucks and all and it was even in The Gazette back in late '50s, but no one knew that we did for a long time. They thought a spark did."
  • Melanie Harrison - "When I was about 8, I decided I was going to try making boiled eggs in the microwave. I didn't use water and it blew the front of the microwave off."
  • Mirssa Pierson - "When I was 5 or 6, I wrote my name on the side of my grandpa's truck with a rock."
  • Breiana Schoeneman - "Before going to school one morning, I ironed hanger marks out of a shirt while wearing it. I ended up with 3rd-degree burns on both arms (I should have been old enough to know better- I was in high school)."
  • Amy Hoien Larson - "Turned the heat up high in my fish aquarium after cleaning it, and forgot to turn it down. Literally boiled my fish."
  • Lou Oettinger-Thompson - "Cut my hair and planted it in the backyard. Hair trees were gonna be the bomb."
  • Lindsay Plecker - "When I was about 3 years old, I pooped in a closet in my uncle’s house. He likes to bring it up whenever there is a family get together there. He’s still talking about it... I’m 32."
  • Brittanie Rose - "Superglued my lips together when I was about 5."

Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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