This scary video shows just how quickly things can change behind the wheel.

The Iowa Department of Transportation posted this video on their Facebook page earlier this week with this message:
"Pop quiz - what do you think caused this crash today on I-74?
FYI - we don't believe anyone was seriously injured, just a very scary crash."

A black pickup truck runs off the road and then, it appears, overcorrects and ends up rolling onto its side on the interstate in Bettendorf. It happened just before 8:30 Tuesday morning.

Exactly what did happen? The DOT doesn't know. Andrea Henry, the director of the DOT strategic communications office, told the Des Moines Register, "Often times our video cameras capture scary crashes like that and, when luckily no one was injured, we like to use them as teaching moments on social media. It's a way to get people thinking about their own driving habits and show them how an everyday drive can change when you're behind the wheel and you're not being careful."

It worked for me. I'll be extra careful behind the wheel. It can all change so fast, we simply have to be giving driving our full attention at all times.

[via Des Moines Register]