The Iowa Department of Transportation has released the latest traffic fatality count for 2019. 336 people died on Iowa roadways last year. That number is higher than the previous two years on Iowa roadways.

Annually, around 340 people on average, die on Iowa roadways, so technically 2019 was nothing out of the norm. A map that shows all the fatal wrecks from last year, shows that these accidents can happen anywhere. A spokesperson for the DOT says that fatality numbers tend to fluctuate from year to year. There were 402 in 2016, 331 in 2017, 319 in 2018, and now 336 in 2019. That number fits in the five-year average.

At least 164 of the fatal accidents were non-collision, single-vehicle wrecks. 40 of the fatalities were head-on collisions and 47 were broadside collisions. Officials also say that a high number of people that died in crashes were not wearing their seatbelt. Over 37% of fatal accident victims were not wearing a seatbelt. That is despite 93% of Iowans claiming they always wear theirs.

Buckle up.


[via KWWL]

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