The pandemic of 2020 has shut down the way we live. The way we socialize. It has even changed the way we drink. I'll admit it. I'm drinking more at home than I did when weren't confined to our homes. I'm not saying that's a lot, but one afternoon I polished off a half bottle of wine and was dancing when Holly got home from work. Don't judge me. Well, it turns out that drinking is the one quarantine activity we can all agree on.

The folks at Google and Bro Bible, who apparently have nothing better to do than to track our roads to alcoholism, looked at the most searched drink recipes in each state for the past 30 days.  The most popular drink nationwide was The Old Fashioned. To no one's surprise, New Yorkers love their Manhattans, a drink that my relatives in Wisconsin have also mastered. At family gatherings, the battle cry is often 'one more pitcher!'

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Sometimes you have to wonder why the drink is being looked up. I'm talking to you Missouri. Gin and Tonic? Really? The ingredients are in the title! Now, what about the Hawkeye state? It turns out Iowans are searching how to make a Kamikaze. I love it. No holds barred, let's get messed up! While I've certainly heard of the drink before, I've never had a Kamikaze. It turns out you can have it as a shot or as a cocktail. And while there are many variations, Wikipedia lists the ingredients as simply vodka, triple sec, and lime juice. Simple and delicious.

Remember, even when you're drinking at home, use good judgment and responsibility. Lets practice for the day when we can belly up to a real bar again.


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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