Chicken McNuggets debuted at McDonald's restaurants in 1983. They have been a fast food staple for kids and adults alike ever since. I can't tell you how many McNuggets my children have consumed. Chase and Carly still enjoy ordering them from time to time. Yesterday, McDonald's finally joined other fast food joints like Burger King and Wendy's and introduced their version of the Spicy Chicken McNugget. Was it worth the wait?

I believe the golden standard in spicy nuggets are the ones from Wendy's. That was the standard I was holding McDonald's to as I hit the drive-thru for lunch yesterday. I got 10 piece Spicy McNuggets for myself, Chase, and Carly. What I did not order was the first new sauce that McDonald's has introduced since 2017. Its called Mighty Hot Sauce. I just went with plenty of the traditional ranch. So were the Spicy McNuggets worth the wait?

Its a no for me. Yes, the spicy version was just as crisp and crunchy as the normal McNuggets. But they somehow seemed flatter, and filled with less meat. The spices they used were fine, just enough spice as to be not too hot. But I wouldn't describe them as flavorful. Also, they were very salty. But I enjoyed dunking them in ranch, with my fries and Coke.

In this fast food aficionado's opinion, the new Spicy Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's are OK, but certainly aren't a game changer. If you want the best fast food spicy nuggets, you'll still need to head to Wendy's.

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