If you love beer, you know they're not all created equal. However, these are just plain WACKY.

1. The Beard Beer

Made by Rogue Ale's, this beer literally comes from the beard of John Maier, the company's master brewer. A discussion about a new yeast source led to the idea of growing it in his beard. It worked... really well. His beard would lead to more than 15,000 beers. Crazy.

2. Oysters in a Beer

According to the Porterhouse Brewing Company, they actually shuck fresh oysters into the conditioning tank. If you want a salty brew, that'll do it.

3. Highest Concentration of Alcohol

Brewmeister Snake Venom has more alcohol per volume than any other beer on the market. A whopping 67.5 percent, according to Mental Floss. That means its 135 proof. Hard liquors are challenged to equal that but with a name like Snake Venom, is it any wonder it's so potent?

4. Weirdest Beer Bottle Ever

You're not going to believe this, but Brewdog's "The End of History" was probably the only beer that came with its own, uh, souvenir. The beer, 50 percent alcohol, was released in 2010 and sold for $765 a bottle! A total of 12 were made, all placed inside the body of a squirrel or weasel, that had been taxidermied. Cue the video below to 1:54 to see this insanity in person or click here and scroll down to see the disturbing photo.

5. Beer with Bull Testicles

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout is a beer that actually started as a joke in an April Fool's Day video, according to Huffington Post. It's a joke no more. The Wynnkoop Brewing Company puts three bull testicles into each barrel produced. That's a little nutty.

Those are definitely some doozies. We'll have some very unique beers for you at the Cedar Rapids Beer Summit though, admittedly they may pale in comparison to the craziness above. The event is Saturday, March 11 at the Doubletree by Hilton Convention Complex in downtown Cedar Rapids. You'll be able to enjoy unlimited sampling of more than 100 craft beers for three hours, for only $35, if you purchase tickets now.

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