Is ice cream your favorite desert? Do you eat ice cream year round no matter the temperature outside? If you answered 'yes' to both of those questions...welcome to the club. According to a new survey, America is obsessed with ice cream. I agree. I love ice cream. I'll eat it all year round even in the dead of winter. Now I admit, ice cream in the heat of summer is something special. But give me cookie dough at -4 degrees in January and I'm cool with that too.

56% of Americans eat ice cream all year round. The study found that women are more likely to eat it year round than men. 86% of people say they eat ice cream at least once a week. That's me. 11% admit they eat some EVERY day! Now that's commitment! Our favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate, followed by cookies and cream, vanilla, cookie dough and mint chocolate chip. The most popular place to go get ice cream? Dairy Queen. And how do most people get their ice cream. 57% of people prefer cup over the cone. Give me a waffle cone and I'm good!

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