It's the most wonderful time of year here in the Cedar Valley. However, one Waterloo restaurant staff is dealing with a full on thieving Grinch.

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Rudy's Tacos in Waterloo has been a staple in the are for years. Located at 2401 Falls Avenue, the popular restaurant is currently dealing with a thief and is looking for some help in identifying them.

In a social media post made to the taco joint's Facebook page, it was revealed that someone had made off with an expensive piece of equipment. They claim in the post that someone in a white truck stole their trash cart.

Courtesy of Ring/Rudy's Tacos via Facebook
Courtesy of Ring/Rudy's Tacos via Facebook

Pictured above is the vehicle the suspect was driving in early December. The day after the trash cart was stolen from the restaurant, the owners had to purchase a new one for $400. Clearly this caused some frustration.

"To whoever stole our trash cart last night:
We hope you enjoy it and are going to use it for a very long time.

We really enjoyed spending almost $400 on a brand new cart this morning. We were needing an upgraded model anyways.
Best wishes,
Also included in this post was the camera footage capturing the vehicle that may have transported the stolen piece of equipment. You can check that out here.

The alleged thief was in the restaurant parking lot on Thursday, December 2nd at the time of the incident. According to security footage from the restaurant, this white truck exited the parking luck with the business's trash cart at 7:12 PM that evening.

The owners are encouraging people to reach out to them if you have any information about the truck or who the thief could be. You can do this by directly messaging Rudy's on Facebook here. 

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