Do you have them next to you? Okay good, you're definitely going to need them. I'm a sucker for animal videos of all kinds. But animal reunion videos are a whole different level of heartwarming.

This holiday season, one dog got the gift of being reunited with her family just in time for the holidays. Pitbull Gracie escaped in from her Chicago home in December 2019 when a visitor accidentally let her out.

The family put up posters, contacted shelters and put photos of Gracie on website Lost Dogs Illinois, but there was no word of their missing dog. However, a woman who lived only 2 miles away noticed Gracie and began to look out for her. That woman, with the help of a dog rescuer, spent months leaving food for Gracie and slowly gained her trust.

The pair were eventually able to capture the dog and scan her for a microchip, after 11 months, which brought up Shade's contact information. And the reunion of Gracie and her family was nothing short of a holiday miracle.

Like I said, grab the tissues, because you're going to need them.

Gracie's owner got a gift you can't buy a a store, she got her fur baby back. And she wants to make sure that everybody who loses a dog in Illinois knows the resources to help get them back. She said that if you lose a dog, one of the best ways to let the public know about them is by making sure they're listed on Lost Dogs Illinois.

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