You've heard me complain about this several times over the course of the summer. Drivers who zip right by you when traffic is supposed to merge into one lane. They then cut in front of you or sit and wait for someone to let them in. I hate it. Well, it turns out that they aren't in the wrong after all.

It's called The Zipper method. Instead of everyone merging into one slow lane of traffic, drivers are encouraged to use both lanes right up until the closure. Vehicles then alternate letting each other through, much like the teeth of a zipper. I'd heard a few mentions of this, but most people don't know about it. Some state are actually promoting the zipper method of merging. Check out this video from Kansas.


Like the video said, the zipper method is to be used when the merged lane of traffic is backed up, causing even more delays. So the next time you curse under your breath like I have at cars speeding by you after you've merged, remember the zipper method....and follow them!


[via Coloradoan]