He is perhaps the most iconic movie villain of all time. Just the sound of his breathing makes people shiver in fear. He is Darth Vader. Star Wars movie memorabilia goes for a ton of money at auctions around the world. But a Darth Vader suit from The Empire Strikes Back could set a new record.

The Empire Strikes Back remains the greatest Star Wars movie of all time. The ice planet of Hoth. Cloud City with Lando. Luke training with Yoda. And of course, the biggest reveal in cinema history.
"I am your father...." Iconic movie moments. The Vader suit going up for auction is one of a handful of outfits that were made around 1979 for use in the movie The Empire Strikes Back. The seller is
Bryce Eller, who made many public appearances as Vader including the 1978 Academy Awards. It's not clear if this suit was used in the film, but it was produced by Star Wars costume designer
John Mollo.

The suit features 17 pieces in all, including the iconic black mask, boots, a pair of capes, and a codpiece. What will it go for at auction? A true Star Wars fan knows that this suit would be a holy grail among collectibles. It is expected to fetch between 1 and 2 MILLION dollars. Not bad, but not tops for Star Wars props. In 2017, a complete R2-D2 robot used in the first Star Wars movie in 1977 went for $2.76 million.


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