When 3-year-old Vincent was found as a kitten, he was missing most of his back legs. But, that's not an issue anymore, thanks to Iowa State University!

Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh, a veterinary orthopedic surgeon at ISU's Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, hooked Vincent up with a pair of prosthetic legs and has since overseen his rehabilitation. Because this sort of procedure has only been done a couple dozen times across the world, things have been a bit tricky for Vincent, but it is said that he is definitely making progress. Dr. Bergh says, “I anticipate that he’ll be jumping and doing really normal cat things very soon."

Vincent still has a lot to overcome, but has undergone two surgeries so far that have gone very well. They hope to keep lengthening the prosthetic legs until they are the length of a normal housecat. It is expected that Vincent's progress will help other veterinary orthopedic surgeons with similar procedures in the future. Way to go Vincent and ISU!

Here's a video of Vincent's story:

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