The ending to yesterday's Minnesota Vikings playoff game left me disgusted... again. It's a familiar feeling to Viking fans. However, one Minnesota fan captured our years of frustration so well, I had to laugh.

I certainly wasn't laughing yesterday afternoon.

It was another in a long line of disappointments:
1975: Though I don't recall it that much (I was only six), I've seen replays of it forever. The Cowboys throw the bomb from Roger Staubach to Drew Pearson in the final thirty seconds to beat Minnesota. "Hail Mary" was coined that day when Staubach was quoted afterwards by saying, "I closed my eyes and said a 'Hail Mary.' Dallas wins by three.
1988: That day, running back Darrin Nelson dropped a pass on the doorstep of the end zone in the final minute that would've tied the Washington Redskins in the NFC Championship game. The Vikes lost by seven.
1999: Gary Anderson. He hadn't missed a field goal the entire season. The guy was 37 for 37 and a 39-yard field goal would put Minnesota up 10 in the closing minutes (below), and almost assuredly on their way to the Super Bowl. His kick is wide left. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The Vikings lose, by three, in overtime. I can honestly tell you I've never been so devastated by a loss in my lifetime... ever or since. I wouldn't talk to my own family when they called. I just couldn't.

You notice I didn't even mention Minnesota's four Super Bowl defeats? Yes, we know a thing or two about losing in big games. However, when a friend sent me this earlier today, I laughed heartily. After all, it's just a game, right? And pitchers and catchers report soon...

This is the saddest Minnesota Vikings reaction video you'll see all day...(via Karen Griffin)

Posted by Sunday Night Football on NBC on Monday, January 11, 2016

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