We certainly hear them here in Iowa, and often see their parents. However, it's extremely rare to see a baby coyote, also known as a pup. That's exactly what this little girl is:

Village of Barlett-Illinois/Facebook

She was found next to a busy road in Bartlett, Illinois last week. Barlett is in the eastern part of Illinois, with several forest preserves nearby. According to a post on the Village of Bartlett Facebook page, she was picked up by a resident who was worried about her and then took her to the police department.

Once they began to examine the pup, they noticed some things that were out of the norm for a typical puppy. She had really large feet, long toenails, and a coat that was unusually coarse. Imagine their surprise when they discovered it was actually a baby coyote!

She was dehydrated but otherwise healthy according to WVIT. She's currently being cared for by Willowbrook Wildlife, but could soon be taken to another animal rehab facility that has similar-sized pups.

Just how common are coyotes in Iowa? According to the Iowa DNR, they're the "most common wild canine species" in the state. I bet you've heard, and possibly even seen, adult coyotes but have you ever seen a coyote pup? Technically, this picture doesn't count.

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