What's cuter than a baby animal? The answer is NOTHING.

Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines announced last week that one of their seals gave birth to a new pup! The Facebook post reads:

"We are thrilled to announce that Meru has given birth to a 32-pound female seal pup on August 20. She joins her big brother, Monty, and her father, Ross, along with sea lions Zoey and Addy at Hub Harbor. She is currently spending quality time with mom and will be introduced to her family and the outdoor pool in the coming weeks."

Even though she hasn't been out for the public to see yet, the zoo was kind enough to give us a peek at her with an adorable video:

The only issue that Blank Park Zoo has yet to take care of? Her name! If you donate $50 or more to the zoo, you can actually submit your name idea for the new female seal pup. A $100 donation will get you THREE name submissions (one to two-syllable names are preferred). All you have to do is send your donation, your name ideas, and your personal information (name, address, email address, and phone number) to:

Blank Park Zoo, attn: Development

7401 SW 9th St.

Des Moines, IA 50315

You can also make your donation online HERE. All entries must be submitted by September 12th. The finalists will be posted September 16th and left to a public vote, with the winner announced on September 24th.

If this seal isn't named "Sealena Gomez," I'm going to be extremely disappointed.

For more information on the contest and donations, click HERE.

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