Students from kindergarten through twelfth grade usually get out of classes pretty regularly when there's bad weather. That's not usually the case for university students. That changes this week with some extremely (possibly record-breaking) cold temperatures on the way.

The University of Iowa has sent out a HAWK ALERT stating that "Due to the forecast of extreme weather the University of Iowa is cancelling classes from 5 p.m. Tuesday through 12 p.m.Thursday for Iowa City campus". You KNOW it's serious when the University calls off class, as that doesn't happen often.

It's a good thing too considering many college students walk to their classes. No one should be walking outside during these conditionsCBS 2 is currently forecasting low temperatures of -28 Tuesday night going into Wednesday morning and -32 Wednesday night going into Thursday morning. BRR! Especially considering that the coldest temperature EVER recorded in Cedar Rapids is -29 the morning of January 15, 2009. Things won't get much better throughout the day either as the highs on Wednesday and Thursday are -18 and -4 in Cedar Rapids.

Moral of the story, (if you can help it) don't go outside. In fact, just stay indoors until spring and the weather warms up. If that's not an option for you and you do have to leave your home, please take precaution. Make sure you're bundled up in case of an emergency. Be safe out there Iowa!

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