It's no shock to anyone that extremely cold weather begins to drop into Iowa today. However, this is the type of cold that isn't just historic, it's mind-boggling. Some cities in Iowa could see their coldest temperatures EVER... any day, any month, any year in history.

In Cedar Rapids Wednesday (1/30) and Thursday (1/31) morning, we're likely to set record low temperatures. The current records for those dates are -22 (1951) and -21 (1996), respectively. CBS 2 is currently forecasting low temperatures of -28 (Wednesday morning) and -32 (Thursday morning). The coldest temperature EVER recorded in Cedar Rapids is -29 the morning of January 15, 2009. That's two records that could be set in one day, but there's one more.

KCRG-TV reports the coldest high temperature in Cedar Rapids history is -15 on February 2, 1996. Wednesday, January 30, the forecast high in Cedar Rapids is -18.

In Dubuque Wednesday (1/30) and Thursday (1/31) morning, more record lows are likely to be set. The current records are -25 (1951) and -24 (1996). Forecast lows those mornings are -26 and -27, respectively. The coldest temperature ever recorded in Dubuque may be safe. That's -32 on January 7, 1887. Dubuque's coldest daytime high in history is -15, set on January 18, 1994. Dubuque's forecast high for Wednesday from the National Weather Service: -15.

Waterloo could also get in on the fun, at least partially. While the all-time coldest temperature of -34 appears safe, Wednesday could still be the coldest daytime high in Waterloo history. The coldest day ever was -16 on February 2, 1996. Wednesday's forecast high: -16.

It's going to be an excruciating four days of weather. Temperatures in Cedar Rapids are expected to drop below zero tonight and may not go back above zero until sometime Friday. Thank goodness that appears to be the end. High temperatures this weekend are expected to be in the mid to upper-30's ABOVE zero.

Add the wind to the temperatures above and wind chills could be around -55. That's downright dangerous. Be safe this week and look out for your loved ones, neighbors, and pets. We can honestly say what we'll be dealing with may be something no one has ever had to endure in this area before.

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