The old Iowa Lottery slogan was 'you can't win if you don't play.' It turns out you can't win if you're too young. An Iowa woman has been charged with fraud after trying to claim a jackpot off a scratch ticket that she was too young to purchase.

Katelyn Dolezal of Macedonia was 19 years old when she bought the ticket in November of 2017. That ticket turned out to be a $50,000 grand prize winner. A relative went to the Iowa Lottery office for her to claim her prize. A check for $35,000, minus $15,000 in taxes, was issued in the relative's name. They tried to cash the check, but their bank put a hold on it. Police say that Dolezal later called the lottery office for help because the relative wasn't going to share any of the winnings.

Iowa law requires residents to be at least 21 years of age to play Iowa Lottery games.


[via CBS2]

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