If you're a nicotine user in Iowa and are looking for a job, don't bother applying at U-Haul. That is, unless you quit.

KCRG reports that U-Haul will soon not hire nicotine users in many of its locations in order to promote and empower a healthy workforce. Beginning February 1, the company stated in a release that they will start screening applicants in 21 states (Iowa included) "where employers are allowed to decline employment to someone based on nicotine usage".

We are deeply invested in the well-being of our team members...Nicotine products are addictive and pose a variety of serious health risks. This policy is a responsible step in fostering a culture of wellness at U-Haul, with the goal of helping our team members on their health journey.”- Jessica Lopez, U-Haul’s chief of staff, via KCRG.

Anyone applying for a position at U-Haul will see the nicotine-free hiring policy on applications and will be instructed to answer questions about nicotine use. This nicotine-free policy would "deny employment to anyone using nicotine gum, lozenges, patches or vaping, as well as people who smoke and chew tobacco." In states like Iowa where testing is allowed, applicants have to consent to a nicotine screening to be considered.

Current employees will not be affected, and will be able to take advantage of a wellness program that offers nicotine cessation assistance. Other Midwest states implementing the new policy include Kansas, Michigan, and Nebraska.

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